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Schott Bros. "American Cool" Leather Jackets

Posted by Boot Star | 02.01.2014

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Schott 100th Anniversary Leather JacketSchott Leather Jacket

100th Year Anniversary Jacket             Cognac Jacket - Limited Edition

Schott Leather Jacket BlackSchott Leather Jacket Chocolate

     Vintage Steerhide Cafe Racer        Brown Perfecto Motorcycle Jacket

Schott Leather Bomber Jacket BlackSchott Leather Bomber Jacket White

Brando Vintage Motorcycle Jacket                  White Brando Jacket          


The first words that come to mind when you think of Schott Bros. is “American cool.”

A century ago, back in the day of the birth of the automobile and jazz, it was a time when people created quality-made products that lasted for generations -- a time-honored craftsmanship that still holds true today for Schott NYC. Schott was started by two brothers, Jack and Irving Schott, in a little shop in New York’s lower east side. It was a simple jacket company that became an icon of American culture. For the last hundred years Schott has been there, through world wars, the rise of cinema, and the birth of Rock 'n' Roll. From the creation of the Perfecto motorcycle jacket made famous by Marlon Brando, James Dean, Springsteen and the Ramones, to the Bomber jacket that protected our flyboys in WWII and beyond, America has marched on wearing Schott.  Each day since 1913, when Jack and Irving created their first masterpiece, their family, through four generations, has continued the long-standing tradition of quality handcrafted, American-made jackets, and Schott continues to make jackets that define American culture today.

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