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Cowboy Boots and Western Trends in Japan

Posted by Boot Star | 10.08.2014

It only takes one trip to Japan for you to quickly realize how much western culture has influenced modern-day Japanese society, especially in fashion. The Japanese now have all the same brands and stores that we enjoy here in the USA, and many of their fashions have become very similar to our own, while still maintaining the essence of their culture’s inherent style. In fact, pairing sleek leather cowboy boots with a favorite pair of jeans or coupling a vibrant hand-stitched western boot with a cute skirt has become one of the many new western influenced fashion trends quickly spreading across Japan.

Only about thirty years ago, western influence in fashion existed only in the form of high-end brands in the Ginza district of Tokyo. Now western boots have found their way into the hearts of men and women all over Japan. The Harajuku district, the epicenter of modern Japanese fashion, is filled with western influences in the form of women and men’s cowboy boots and other western influenced clothing. Jam-packed with boutiques and fashion malls brimming with international clothing chains, this hub caters to the tens of thousands of people who visit every day to shop, hang out, and check out the latest trends.

Cowboy Boots in Harajuku Japan

Cowboy Boots in Shinjuku Japan

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Western wear stores have been cropping up everywhere in Japan.  Japanese stores like Funny Western Co. even carry classic American western cowboy boot brands, such as Lucchese and Rios of Mercedes.  Cowboy boots can even be seen in Shinjuku, the business district in Tokyo and locale of the busiest train station in the world -- Shinjuku Station, the major meeting spot; it is also the administrative centre of the government of Japan. Cowboy boots have certainly taken hold and are here to stay as a staple of Japanese western fashion.

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