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Everything you need to know about cowboy boots and how to wear them!

Season of Skulls: It Just Wouldn’t be Halloween without Skulls…

Posted by Boot Star | 10.31.2015

With Halloween right around the corner, you can pay homage to "Dia De Los Muertos" and shop our Old Gringo Klak featuring black leather adorned with festive multicolored embroidery of Day of the Dead sugar skulls on top and foot.

Here at Boot Star we have a unique collection of jewelry, belt buckles, and hand-carved skulls from the talented Lee Downey. Based in Bali, Lee travels the world in search of precious stones and various materials to create intricate pieces of art. When we see Lee a few times a year, we carefully select pieces that we not only love and admire, but also feel add another element of uniqueness to our stores. Some of these pieces include a hand-carved amber skull, a hand-engraved sterling silver trophy buckle with mammoth ivory and fossilized clam shell that has also been hand-carved into a skull shape.

Skulls at Boot Star

Old Gringo Klak BootsLiberty Boot Co. Killaz Red Plague


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Dixon Rand Western Shirts - Capturing the Spirit of the American West

Posted by Boot Star | 10.20.2015


Continuing our tradition of honoring America's unique contribution to the fashion world, we're happy to introduce our new line of authentic Western Shirts from Dixon Rand. Designed for the Rebel, Adventurer, and Gentlemen everywhere, the Dixon Rand brand stands for: the freedom of the open road, an independent and individual spirit, unwavering respect for craftsmanship and quality, and a love of unique vintage textiles.

Dixon Rand was founded in 2013 with the premise that the clothing we wear is an expression of our individuality. To that end, denim is at the core of the brand designs. More than just another piece of cloth, denim has come to signify the American Spirit. From humble beginnings as a workman's fabric that clothed pioneers and frontiersmen, it is now associated with ubiquitous style from generation to generation.

As the good people at Dixon Rand would say, ... "there's "A Story in Every Stitch...."

Dixon Rand Western Shirts at Boot Star

"The earliest cowboy boots were simple flat-heeled, round-toed boots that they brought back with them from the Civil War. This style became more refined until the 1880s when the cowboy "style" of boot, which we now think of today, was introduced. This new version of the cowboy boot featured the use of softer, more exotic leathers along with decorative stitching on the top of the foot commonly known as the "boot stitch," which some cowboys swore gave them a snugger fit.

We started a conversation with the team at Boot Star earlier this year to create a style of denim shirt that spoke to the spirit of the cowboy boot. So low and behold, our 'highwayman' selvage denim shirt was created, complete with "boot stitches" on the pockets. But this stitching doesn't make the fit any snugger...." ~ Abe (Dixon Rand)

Dixon Rand Highwayman Western Shirt in IndigoDixon Rand Highwayman Western Shirt in IndigoDixon Rand Worn Highwayman Western ShirtDixon Rand Highwayman Western Shirt Black


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Fashion Week Looks - Fringe Bags, Suede Skirts, and Vintage Denim

Posted by Boot Star | 10.05.2015

This year, New York Fashion Week was overrun with fashion gurus adorned in camel colored suede skirts and boots, 70’s inspired denim jeans and shirts, over the shoulder fringe bags, oversized trophy buckles, and boho felt hats. At Boot Star you can create the same vintage inspired looks as seen during NYFW with our McFadin fringe bags, Levi’s Vintage Clothing denim shirts, felt hats from Stetson or even the classic lbj (little black jacket) from our selective collection of iconic leather motorcycle jackets from Schott.

New York Fashion Week Fringe Suede Skirts

New York Fashion Week Trophy Buckles

New York Fashion Week Denim ShirtsNew York Fashion Week Fringe Suede JacketNew York Fashion Week Suede Fringe Skirt

New York Fashion Week Suede Fringe Jacket & Stetson Hat

More Than Boots Now at Boot Star


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